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About Us 

 Wine Barrel Creations is located in the Heart of the Sonoma Valley and has been the leading wholesale/retailer of fine furniture and accessories since 2004.

 Dont be fooled with all the new websites popping up with a few items that someone made in their garage after buying a few barrels!

  We always have 100's of barrels to meet any order and a staff to make it all happen today or next year, we will still be here to meet your needs!

You can find our items in the smallest local wineries and stores all the way to Amazon and Costco since 2004 so you can be assure that all our items are clean, safe and have been tested and true to be the best wine barrel products online. We guarantee it!

Businesses fill free to contact us at consumer@winebarrelcreations.com to find out about our Wholesale pricing, we can meet any order with the quickest turn around time possible and the highest quality.


The Begining

  Wine Barrel Creations was started in 2004 by Ron Travis. From one mans vision of creating new and unique wine barrel furniture and accessories from recycled wine barrels came Wine Barrel Creations.

Growing up in the Wine Country as a kid I took the thousands of discarded wine barrels for granted not knowing the full potential and hidden qualities in a used wine barrel that were awaiting to be explored at that young age.

 Now years later with a life time of wood working experience passed down to me from my father, and over 25 years under my own belt I had no problem with the vision and skill it took to create high quality wine barrel furnishings from the unique design and shape of a reclaimed wine barrel.   


 I knew that the wood used in wine barrels have to be of the highest quality of French and American oak with the tightest oak grain so I began tinkering around with the oak making family and friends quality items out of the reclaimed wine barrel oak.

 I realized then that even in this day and age of poorly made and imported furniture, that there are still people that sought after high quality furnishings and accessories that inherited the old styles of craftsmanship with doweling, jointing and gluing that has been lost in our busy mass production world.

 But Wine Barrel Creations strives to carry on this tradition in all our products when ever possible.

 WBC Doweled Cross Joints on Our Tables


 Wine Barrel Creations has grown to employee many skilled craftsman to aid in my on going crusade in reclaiming used wood and at the same time creating new and innovative products from reclaimed wine barrel oak that you just can't get on the market today.

Over this time I have sought out and made relation ships with many local Sonoma and Napa wineries that take excellent care and service to their barrels. This insures that when we purchase the barrels they are clean of any wine residue for molds and they are in the best condition for our products. We have years of experience and knowledge of what it really takes to turn out a quality product from reclaimed materials!                                                                       

   Wine Barrel Creations Barrel Room          

 approx 500 reclaimed wine barrels awaiting the transformed into something unique and one-of-a-kind!

  Even though my business has grown over the years, I still have not lost touch of the quality and craftsmanship that leaves our facility.

I still am the lead craftsman at Wine Barrel Creations and if I do not fully create the item myself I will have had a full part in overseeing that the item is made to my high standards.

From 1 to 100 you can expect the same quality as if it was the original.

The team and I still get great satisfaction out of each finished piece that we create. If it's not from seeing the quarter sawn oak reflecting back at you it's knowing that we have brought new life into a reclaimed wine barrel.


Going Green for planet Earth!

Wine Barrel Creations respects our land and always strives to go green when at all possible. From recycling our leftover materials and metal bands to the materials used in our products we are always watching our waste.

  We purchase thousands of used wine barrels yearly and all our Wine Barrel Creations products and accessories are created using 95% to 100% of reclaimed materials that would normally be discarded.

Instead Wine Barrel Creations has saved these recyclables turned them into works of art.

Wine Barrel Creations 

Breathing New Life Into Reclaimed Wine Barrels

"If I’m not just remembered for my creations that will be passed down long after I am gone, I hope that Wine Barrel Creations can make an impact on our land and future by reusing our recyclables for the next generations to enjoy!" - Ron Travis.



Wine Barrel Creations is dedicated on going green while putting out hand crafted quality made furnishings from reclaimed wine barrel oak.

With over 25 years of experience in wood crafting there still was no real training or books for using reclaimed wine barrels oak as raw materials in manufacturing products. There had to be a lot of skill, trial and error involved to creating a quality hand made product that would with stand time.


From Reclaimed Wine Barrels


 To Fine Barrel Furnishings!


Now with many years under our belt using reclaimed woods as 95% to 100% of our raw materials and thousands of items shipped makes Wine Barrel Creations products tested and true to be the highest quality of reclaimed wine barrel furnishings and accessories on the market today.  I guarantee it!

Thanks To All!

I want to thank all the wineries that have helped make this all possible and to our customers for thinking green when purchasing our products!

Cheers, Ron Travis

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