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            First The Harvest                           To The Wine Barrel                Into Fine Barrel Furnishings              


Our Process


 Over time I have watched wine barrels come and go in the wine industry. During this time I always wondered what could be done with the thousands of barrels that has served its purpose in life storing fine wine.

After a little research I found that the oak in the higher end wine barrels had to be all clear heart cut from the highest quality and tightest grain oaks and any cheaper grade of oak would not do for these barrels. I knew I had to recycle as many wine barrels as I could and at the same time create unique furnishings out of the finest French and American oak. That is how Wine Barrel Creations came to be.

Wine Barrel Creations

Giving new Life To Used Wine Barrels!

 From start to finish one item could take up to 4 months to create, not that you will have to wait that long. We make sure that each piece of oak is air dried for at least 4 months or longer.

 WBC has our own barrel building where we will hold over 500 barrels at one given time. Here they will rest for approx. 3 to 4 months prior to the final brake down..

 This makes it certain that when the oak hits our craftsmen hands it has taken on its final shape and will not shrink or twist causing defects later in our products life time.


 WBC Waiting Room


This is quite a trip so far for the reclaimed oak to take but this is when the fun really starts as each piece of oak takes on there own caricature that makes every piece unique and one of a kind. 


 Our Raw Materials

When we purchase our fasteners and hardware we look for the best materials and suppliers in the USA that have a long track record of quality parts and availability. So we know we are using the best products on the market to insure that each piece is made to its fullest potential.

When purchasing our barrels we use the Highest quality of used French and American oak on the market today. Our white oak is hand Selected from different forests from the center of France and the Vosges areas or from Missouri, Minnesota and the Appalachian regions.

Still very few if any furniture makers will spend the time and money it takes to purchase such tight grained clear heart quarter sawn oak just to create fine furniture, but we do!

Only the tightest oak grain is used in our products.                                                                       

Is there a difference between French and American oak?

Well not when it comes to the look and quality of our products, both our French and American oak will hold the same characteristics with the tight grain clear heart white oak.

But to the winemakers there is a big difference, French oak adds a milder flavor to the wine while American oak is more aggressively flavored.


The Finished Product

Before shipping out your product it is carefully inspected for defects in craftsmanship and finish. If one is found and can not be corrected it will not ship. When the piece is given the approval it gets meticulously wrapped and packaged to insure after all our hard work your item arrives to its final destination in perfect condition.

As in all reclaimed woods there may be variations in color, grain, texture, and finish from piece to piece. Instead of trying to duplicate the same look time after time we let nature take its course.

This will insure every one of our products have there own caricature and uniqueness coming from years of use as a wine barrel making each piece one of a kind!

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